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When you want a clown with experience entertaining both kids and adults, someone who knows how to approach little people in a non-threatening and fun-loving way, Modine the Clown or her lighter counterpart Ruthie Mae are perfect. They’ve entertained children and families for over 25 years.

Modine's Up to Mischief
Modine’s Up to Mischief

Modine began her career by performing in restaurants, at birthday parties, the Inaugural Ball, and other local events. From there she went on to perform with Circus Kirk, Martin and Downs Circus of Canada, The Royal Hanneford Circus, and Circus Vargas. She returned to Northern Virginia where she continues to perform as a family entertainer.

Ruthie Mae 2
Ruthie Mae brings out the fun with a lighter look!

Since clowns are moving away from the heavy makeup and taking on a more subdued look, Marsha has developed Ruthie Mae. Ruthie of course has all the same talents and background as Modine, the same sparkling personality, yet appeals more to those who may be timid about clowns. Marsha hasn’t been cloned so of course you can only have one or the other, not Ruthie Mae and Modine at the same event.

Marsha’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in English from Virginia Tech, a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Her clown education includes training from Northern Virginia Community College, participation in Clown Camp sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse, the International Association of Balloon Artists Conference, Advanced Studies in the Art of Clowning, KIDabra International conferences, the Celebration Barn’s Eccentric Performing with Avner the Eccentric and Julie Goell, Kapital Kidvention, Balloon and Magic Mania, and Airigami University.

Circus: A Place Where Dreams Come True

We don’t know who met TJ Michael first. Was it the clown or the person, Modine the Clown or Marsha? It doesn’t matter. If you want the dull version of the story, they met at work. Or maybe you’d like to know they met behind the firehouse in Annandale, VA. Both are true. TJ was the big top boss as well as an acrobat and wire walker with Circus Kirk. The season Modine travelled with Circus Kirk, TJ happened to arrive the day the show was setting up in Annandale, Modine’s home town. That was back in 1976 and they’re still together today. In fact, you can have one of our clowns at your event while TJ makes balloon animals.

TJ Michael, the Handsome Big Top Boss, & Modine the Clown
TJ Michael, the Handsome Big Top Boss, & Modine the Clown


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