Balloon Animals & Other Crazy Creations

Modine has been clowning around with balloons ever since she was a brand new clown. Back in those days people put 3 twists in a balloon and called it a dog. Because the balloons weren’t fancy, Modine and other entertainers used them in bits of entertainment to elicit laughter more than amazement. When you want your guests to be gathered together and entertained as a group, Modine’s the Clown for you. If you prefer someone to take requests from the kids and create balloons “on demand,” then you might prefer to have a balloon artist from our offshoot company Air O’ Dynamic Art.

Either way, we can add color and excitement to your event with balloon animals and other creations. For large groups we can make simple creations to serve as many of your guests as possible. That’s not why most people want us though. Once you’ve seen the more elaborate creations we can make, you’ll want your guests to have the best so they can look back at your party and remember what a great time they had. When you want something really special, talk with us in advance. Centerpieces, decor, and special sculptures can be pre-ordered.

Avast & Ahoy, Maties!
Avast & Ahoy, Maties!

Marsha was a proud participant in the creation of Balloon Manor 2007 in Rochester, New York. Since then she has also helped buildĀ Balloon Manor 2008, Balloon Manor 2014, Balloon Manor 2015, and with a life-sized acrocanthosaurus at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Contact us for information on how to use balloons to increase results at your fund-raiser.