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Our thanks to MODINE, the clown, who helped our Sunday School season get underway today and who will also lead the Children’s Sermon today. No ordinary clown, Modine has circus experience and takes her clowning very seriously.
New Jerusalem Lutheran Parish
You’re great to work with!
Whole Foods Market
Dearest Modine – Sknaht rof gnimoc to ylevil stnias no yadsendew. I & ew yllaer deyojne eht yad. Uoy era laiceps!
Pastor K, Hope Lutheran Church
Your presence was the perfect ‘frosting on our cake’ –you brought magic to us! What an awesome talent you are.
Sally Hahne, Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Clowns are COOL!!! And that’s a fact. Happy Days!!! To Modine
CJ, the birthday child
Modine, Thank you for visiting me at the hospital. I am sorry I missed you. Thank for the goodies. I loved the balloons.
Courtney, sick child in the hospital
I just wanted to thank you for making our Christmas Party a hit! Everyone commented to me how wonderful you were; you were able to keep all those kids entertained for three hours and not a one of them ever got bored or complained. What an accomplishment! You were really super.
Ronco Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
We all want to thank you for making Charlie’s 3rd birthday a success – You received rave reviews from Charlie, his friends and all the parents!! Thanks Loads!! We’ll call you next year.
Charlie’s parents
It takes a special kind of person to hide the ‘tears of a clown’ and make others happy. Ingenuity, creativity, wit, dedication and patience make a clown funny. The outrageous costume and cute stunts help a bit but, when you get down oh basics, it is the person underneath all the make-up who warms people’s hearts. Marsha Gallagher will be tackling the difficult job of making America laugh for a good many years.
The Springfield Independent, May 12, 1977
I’m writing to let you know just how much I have enjoyed Modine’s visits on the various occasions she has made one of her grand entrances here at Emmanuel. Her physical appearance as well as her actual performances are eye=catching and attention-getting, yet tastefully done. She plays equally well off a ‘straight man’ like me or soloing on her own. She delights young and old with her never ending ‘bag of tricks’. I personally have found her to be great fun to work with because she is so quick on her feet, creative, and adaptable to the moment’s needs. What is most amazing, though, is how she is able to come off so spontaneously and yet get the intended message across to her audience. To me this is the mark of a real professional …using the medium of humor to teach a lesson, to make a point. I come away feeling that I’ve not just been entertained, Modine has taken me somewhere…left me with something. . . I look forward to seeing Modine again soon.
Pastor Jerry LiaBraaten, Emmanuel Lutheran Church

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