Parties and Holidays

Delight your guests and create happy memories with Modine’s magical merriment.

Transform your guests into pets, wild animals, monsters, or fantasy creatures with face painting. Burst into color and wonderment with balloon hats, sculptures, and games.


Modine’s Circus of Fun
Your guests become the wild animals and clowns of the old fashioned circus of the past. Once their faces are painted or their balloon costumes are created, it’s time for the show where they’re the stars!
Puppies and Kittens Galore (And More) Pets Party
Who can resist cute little puppies and kittens? Your guests become the irresistible animals guaranteed to be taken home from the party pet store. Find out what happens when one of the animals gets loose in the pet store.
Jungle Fun
Tigers, Elephants, Snakes! Creatures of the jungle inhabit your party, participating in magic, games, or stories.
Balloon Zoo
See balloons twisted into amazing zoo animals before your eyes! Some are hats for your guests to wear; the wilder ones should perhaps be displayed at a safe distance from your guests.


You never know: something magical just might happen when you invite Modine to help entertain your guests. Modine can make special holiday balloons for your party.¬†She can lead the kids in singing Jingle Bells and other songs to get ready for Santa’s arrival and to help welcome the jolly old saint.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Not a Creature Was Stirring
Not a Creature Was Stirring