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Need a friendly face to greet your guests? Someone to welcome them, help direct them to the activities you have planned, draw a crowd to a particular area or booth, or help them enjoy their wait in a long line? As Modine the Clown I can greet festival guests and entertain them with pocket magic and bits of silliness.

If you'd like to take it up a notch, I can put on my stilts and give your guests a weather report from "up there."

Add a face painting station or a balloon art booth to your festival and the fun radiates throughout the event.

Want some fun for adults, too? Shake things up with my clown-sized (BIG!) hula hoops. They're fun and good exercise, and they give your guests a chance to re-experience some of the pleasure of childhood.


Put smiles on your guests' faces as Modine the Clown strolls among them. Strolling entertainment gives kids a chance to meet a clown up close, or to enjoy the clown's antics from a comfortable distance.

I understand that sometimes, due to the nature of the event or to emotional factors, you may prefer not to have a clown. How about addng color and excitement to the occasion by having a balloon artist? I can twist balloon animals, hats, and toys. As guests spread throughout the area their balloon souveniers add fun to the atmosphere.